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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Baby Chicks

Perhaps a project for this afternoon  footprints.  Super cute yellow foot prints that look like baby chicks.  Or maybe ducks.  We'll probably have a rainbow of birds because some people are unable to paint with only one color.

Bento Lunch

So we don't very often have an excuse to pack a lunch, but this woman offers amazing inspiration on bento style lunches.  So often bento lunches are fancy cut foods and all kinds of time consuming sillines.  3 Kid Circus offers real food, real lunches and real life.  Now I need boxes.  Because every project requires a short trip to the store!

pillow case refashion

I would like to make this pillowcase tote.  Years ago I made a pillowcase skirt and still love it.  How fun to make a bag to carry around too.  Because I need another bag.  Not.

fun with food

Perhaps one day when I don't have a crying baby on one hip and a toddler complaining about whatever food I'm prepping hanging off one leg I'll start playing with my food.

This website offers plenty of fun and cute inspiration.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Let's see if this is working today

The last time I tried to post, only my pictures seemed to be showing up.  Let's see if I can post a story and link today.
Found these super cute chick footprints today.  Hopefully we will be making some tomorrow.